faucet and leak repair

Faucet and Leak Repair

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you may want to tackle a faucet repair yourself. However, if you’re not sure what type of faucet you have or you’re not confident in your plumbing abilities, you can call on Rooter Experts and Drain Cleaning to get your leak fixed fast and properly. We repair and replace all types of faucets and fixtures.

Regular wear and tear can cause faucets to spring leaks, but it’s usually a quick fix for one of our plumbing experts. In fact, a leaky faucet could require nothing more than a new seat washer, O-ring, or valve seat—or even a good cleaning. More extensive repairs are rare, but it could be the case that a broken pipe or fitting could be the larger problem behind a relatively minor symptom. Whatever the case, our local plumbing specialists know how to make your dripping faucet watertight again.

Pipe Repair And Replacement

Even with thorough preventative maintenance, you’ll still have to deal with pipe issues every once in a while—especially if your house was built before 1970. Find out why the age of your home makes a difference to your plumbing, and why Rooter Experts Drain Cleaning should be your first call when you run into leaks, discolored water, and other water pipe problems.

A plumbing problem decades in the making:

If your home was built before 1970, there’s a good chance you have galvanized iron pipes that will eventually rust and corrode. It all happens behind the scenes, but it’s not too difficult to spot the warning signs that a pipe repair is needed. When pipe corrosion occurs:

  • your water pressure will begin to drop;
  • you will see a brown tint in your bath or sink water;
  • and your water-using appliances might suffer from damage.

Copper pipes can present another problem, namely pinhole leaks which may be caused by corrosive water and the quality of the copper pipe itself. These leaks are not always easily detected, but signs include damp spots in your drywall and floor, reduced water pressure and flow, and rusty or discolored water.

Corroded pipes usually need to be replaced with copper or PVC. You’ll need an experienced plumber to remove the bad pipes, dispose of them properly, and install new pipes. But it all starts with an inspection and consultation, Give Rooter Experts Drain Cleaning a call at (201) 948-9427 to find out how we can help. We can fix your plumbing problem—and restore your comfort.

Washing Machine Hose Repair And Replacement

Few appliances use as much water as your washing machine. That means large volumes of water pass through your washer hose year after year—and that kind of work eventually takes a toll. Unfortunately, a broken or compromised washer hose has the potential to cause expensive flood damage to your home. In fact, washing machine hose problems are one of the leading causes of home insurance claims.

Warning signs that your washer hoses are wearing out:

Determining if your washer hoses are in good shape is simple, and should be carried out at regular intervals.

  • Look for leaks or pooling water at the rear of your washing machine
  • Inspect the hoses to see if they have any bulges or cracks
  • Make sure your machine has at least four inches of clearance from the wall to prevent washer hose kinking
  • Learn where your washer shutoff valves are: if a washer hose bursts, you can minimize the damage by quickly shutting the water off
  • And never leave home while your washing machine is running!

Replacing washer hoses:

It goes without saying that hoses should be replaced immediately if you do find leaks, bulges or cracks. But to be safe, you should also replace them if they are three years old or more—and be sure to use stainless steel washer hoses to avoid the potential leaks and deterioration of rubber hoses.

If it’s not a job you want to tackle yourself, all you have to do is give Rooter Experts Drain Cleaning a call at (201) 948-9427 to find out how we can help.


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