Drain Cleaning Services

It may sound simple enough, but unclogging an obstructed drain isn’t as clear-cut as you may imagine.

If your drain is severely clogged, you need professional assistance. Here, at Rooter Experts Drain Cleaning, we are the experts when it comes to drain cleaning and unclogging.

We know how to solve the problem without causing damage to your pipes and plumbing. Those harsh chemicals sold in hardware stores and home improvement centers can lead to severe corrosion issues and cause your pipes to leak.

We have the tools and equipment necessary to get the clog removed and your water flowing in the right direction. Because we are a local plumber, you won’t have a lengthy wait for results. We can be there within 90 minutes or less to take care of your problem. No kidding. We really are that fast!

Fast Response – Fast Results

Not only do we arrive on site quickly, but we also take care of the problem right away. Our plumbers arrive in vehicles that equipped with the tools and equipment needed to tackle any plumbing job you can imagine.

Our preparedness allows us to get to work right away and avoid having to leave the job site to get the tools we need to take care of the problem.

We know your time is valuable and that plumbing problem have the tendency to occur at the most inconvenient times. Rest assured, when you hire a Rooter Experts Drain Cleaning, you’re getting unbeatable drain cleaning and unclogging services.


Sewer CCTV inspection
Our team uses CCTV Camera (Drain Camera) to identify the problems inside pipes including obstructions, cracks, breaks, sags, etc. in any kind of pipe whether they are plastic, metal or concrete, etc.

Waterline repairs in Toronto (GTA)
Our professional team is on standby to visit and take a look at the issue with your waterline and offer you the best waterline repair service.

Sewer and Drain repair
When you search for “Drain Service Near Me”, we’ll be your go-to service. Whether it is because of age, underground root growth, mechanical damages that happened during other building works, or previous poor installation, we will take care of the problem.

Waterproofing Services
Choose your waterproofing method from Interior wall and floor sealers, Exterior with special paints and sealants or Exterior drainage combined with waterproofing coatings. We will make sure that your basement is waterproof and somewhere you no longer want to avoid.

Sump pump installation
Our drain Service team will help you with the Sump pump installation. Installing a sump pump can drastically support you with your occasional flood problems by liquid or waste suction from the sump pits.

Backwater Valve Installation
As a person living in New Jersey weather changes can often cause water to travel back into your property and damaging it. Likewise, heavy rainfall can cause the Backflow of Sewer Water. This can be avoided by Backwater Valve Installation.

Drain Unblocking
We are pros at unblocking drains and fixing sewer backups.

Drain Snaking
We unclog the drains using “Drain Snake” and let those pesky litter out of your life.

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